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Wedding Wednesday: DIY Ask Your Bridesmaids Bag

Lately, blogging is second to wedding planning and work. I’ve felt guilty and empty without it. After brainstorming ways to bump activity, I’ve come to today’s post. It introduces *gasp* photos to Sketchbook Closet. (Yes, I’ve contemplated this for a long time. I want to share in more than just drawing and sometimes a photo’s best.) I’m also widening the subject matter I’ll feature. I’ll still focus on clothes, but I have a lot of creative clutter in my brain and this blog was meant to be an outlet. I don’t want to limit myself. I hope you’ll enjoy what else I have to share. So without further ado: My DIY ask your Bridesmaids bag.

DIY ask your bridesmaids gift bag

I’m on Pinterest, so I’d seen lots of creative ways to “pop the question” to your closest friends. When VNg asked me to marry him, this was one of the things I was most excited about.

DIY ask your bridesmaids gift bag

I’ll take you through my process, step by step – With pictures!

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