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DIY Valentine: Custom Mug & Hot Cocoa

I recently had a request for an affordable DIY valentine; what a great idea!!  (Vday is so close to last year’s holidays which can add up.  I’m definitely on a budget after gifting & travel.)  So, today’s post is a fun and easy project that is a great gift (for a guy or gal!)

(As a bonus, I also made this easy to print card – just click the image below to download the file. You can print on regular letter sized paper and fold it into quarters.)

My free download; print out this valentine's day card at home!

VNg & I enjoy cozying up to share hot chocolate; he especially loves all the marshmallows he can get.  (Btw did you know they have heart-shaped marshmallows?! Perfect for this project!!)  Anyway, he prefers gifts we can experience together (rather than something purely material.)  So, I love the idea of making something unique and personalized that you can share.  Your Valentine will really appreciate the time and thought you put into this gift.

This project is inspired by Kate Spade mugs I sketched a few weeks ago.  They sold out pretty quickly… but I was thrilled to find they can be easily duplicated (for a fraction of the price!)

DIY Valentine - Use a gold sharpie and some old mugs to make a personalized gift and a bag of hot cocoa mix.I think the cost of this project should be less than $25 depending on how you approach it.  (Basically, don’t count on staying under $25 if you’re gonna buy your mugs from, say, West Elm.)  However, I found one for $9.  I also really like the idea of using mugs (since they’re typically solid colors. And, I found a set of two for $16.) Grab a gold Sharpie for about $2 (or two for $4.) Be sure to buy the “paint” marker version.  Add the cost of the cocoa powder mix and you are good to go.

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Illustrated Gift Guide: Valentines for Her

As promised, here is my gift guide for ladies.  In case you already have the perfect gift – I also included less expensive items; shower her with lots of lovely trinkets!  A lot of these are things I loved receiving… I hope she will too!

My best illustrated gift guide - what to get her for Valentine's Day

fresh sugar lip balm SephoraL’Occitane hand cream $ Sephoraheart ring $$$$ Shopbop,  locked in bangle $$ Kate Spade, heart studs $$ Shopbop or $ Kate Spade

I need to have lip balm and hand lotion in my bag.  Fresh sugar is SPF15, all natural, and feels great.  It is rated #1 again and again (for a good reason.)  It’s nice to get these little things as gifts because I end up buying them repeatedly.  V.Ng bought me these heart earrings last year and I love them so much.  I wear them almost every day!  They even say “be mine” – perfect for Valentine’s Day!

My best illustrated gift guide - what to get her for Valentine's Day

pretty coin purse  $$$ Comme des Garcons, heart iphone cover $ DVFgold arrow cuff bangle $$ Need Supply or $ Macy’spretty bevel ring $$ Shopbop

A girl can never go wrong with a good coin purse.  Small accessories are risk-free items that are fun to give and receive.  I like changing up my phone cover every now and then; she’ll probably love having something to constantly remind her of your feelings.

My best illustrated gift guide - what to get her for Valentine's Day

the mini Rider bag $$$ Shopboppretty gold bow necklace $$ Kate Spade or $$$ Shopbop, gold finish Gramercy watch $$$ Kate SpadeDior lip polish $ Sephora

If you’re still looking for a big ticket item – try a pretty handbag or a classy watch.  This bag is a great neutral color (perfect for spring) and it’s a classic shape that she can take from work to dinner.

I hope this helps you on your quest for the perfect gift(s)!! But, hold on to that receipt just in case.  (;

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