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Wardrobe Essential: the Leather Jacket pt. 2

Here’s the final result of my fashion sketch! It was completed with watercolor and cleaned up in Photoshop.

All Saints Spitalfields Cargo Leather biker jacket watercolor fashion illustration sketch

Today’s Fashion Illustration:
 $$$ Cargo Biker Jacket 
or Free People $$ Vegan Leather Moto

These days, it seems the leather moto is an on-trend must-have. The price tag can average well over $300; so I see it as something of an “investment.” For what you could end up spending, this jacket should last forever.

I’m not sure about tailoring leather, so I wanted something that looked great off the hanger. (A tall order for a short girl.)

My hunt for the perfectly proportioned piece lasted two years. (My friend, also spent a year choosing her leather love.) But, it was well worth it!

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Wardrobe Essential: the Leather Jacket pt. 1

And now, back to some classic Sketchbook Closet fashion illustration. (Don’t worry, Wedding Wednesday will be back soon!)

allsaints leather jacket fashion sketch sketchbook

Today’s Fashion Illustration:
 $$$ Cargo Biker Jacket 
or Free People $$ Vegan Leather Moto

A while ago, my friend recommended posting work in progress. After much deliberation, I’m finally getting around to it. It’s fun for me to see the process of the pieces; I hope you’ll enjoy it too!

allsaints leather jacket fashion sketch sketchbook cargo biker

The subject I really wanted to focus on is my (not so) shiny new leather jacket. It’s a recent purchase and I just can’t wait to get it on my back again. I plan to finish this sketch with watercolor.

The pad I’m using is an Arches hot press watercolor block. I prefer hot press because it has a smooth surface (which is better for scanning.) Watercolor blocks are also easy since they dry flat without ripples or curls.

The leather of this “cargo biker” jacket is really soft and supple. It has a lot of texture, highs and lows, and definition. I tried to express that with shaky line work and a rough pencil quality.


Since this is a black jacket, a lot of the lines will get covered up by the dark paint. But, I’ll be able to pull them out with white ink (or Photoshop.) I really can’t wait to add color and see the finished product.

I hope you like this new part of Sketchbook Closet; thanks for viewing.

Refreshed: A Crisp White Popover & Peach Jeans

All my life I’ve felt like a jack of all trades. I never seem to master of one thing, but “get by” at a lot of things. I think because I have too much going on in my brain, I can’t focus on any one subject for long.

Fashion illustration of a crisp white pop over and soft washed peach pastel denim with a Kate Spade pebbled leather tote

Today’s Fashion Illustration:
Chandler Pinot Noir $ Warby Parkerwhite popover BCBG (or $$ J.Crew), Luster necklace by Good Season, pastel skinny jeans $ asospatent wedges Guess Outlet (or $$ Michael Kors and $$$ Jimmy Choo), pebbled leather bag Kate Spade (or $$ Cole Haan and $$$ Marc by Marc Jacobs)

This is one of my biggest downfalls. It results in abandoned ideas and unfinished projects. But, I never want Sketchbook Closet to become that. I really love this blog.

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Casual Color: White Shirt, Dot Mini, & Pretty Pops

Lately, the weather’s been so gloomy. (I hate it.) I did a cheery fashion illustration to brighten up the day. I hope you like it!

Fashion illustration, Madewell shirt, Polka Dot mini, mint bandeau, Coach Penny Legacy Perforated

Today’s Fashion Illustration:
essential boyshirt $$ Madewell, mint bandeau TNA (or $ Urban Outfitters), jersey dot mini skirt Seoul (or $ F21), pop color sneakers Seoul (or $ Van’s), perforated Penny $$ Coach Legacy

My vacation’s nearly here. I’m so ready to go. I feel like a senior in high school and it’s the last week before summer break. Fortunately, I’ve been really busy at work and time is flying.

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I Love My: Chambray Shirtdress

Hello and Happy Monday! I’m so pleased with the (recently) warm weather I wanted to feature a fashion illustration of one of my favorite dresses.

Light summer denim chambray day dress from Madewell

Today’s Fashion Illustration:
chambray shirtdress Madewell (or $ F21 and $$ Saks)

Also – another exciting moment for Sketchbook Closet: a fun feature from Nina of Anything et Everything! If you haven’t already checked out her beautiful site, I hope you do!

VNg and I had a fun weekend; we spent time with friends and family and got fresh air.

Meanwhile, I returned about 80% of the online purchases I made last week. I’m trying to prepare for our vacation, but failing miserably.

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Monochrome: Vertical Stripes on Black

A lot of fun and exciting things have been happening. In case you didn’t know, Pugly Pixel (a gorgeous site about blogs and design) featured my fashion illustrations! Thank you so much, Pugly Pixel!!

theory blazer, bold navy vertical stripe button down shirt, asos black denim jeans, guess platform cork wedges

Today’s Fashion Illustration:
blazer $$$ Theory or $ asosvertical stripe button-down Club Monaco, black denim $ asos, patent wedges Guess (outlet) or $$ Michael Kors and $$$ Jimmy Choo

What else? Today is the end of my shopping ban!! Well, I have pretty much exhausted my budget for the next couple of months.

Explanation: I heard this (true?) story of a man who was lost in the frozen wilderness for a long time.

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Nautical Inspired: Breton Stripe, Chambray & Red

Hello hello! I hope you like today’s super nautical fashion illustration! When I saw these pants, I had to have them. The bright tomato red is just so perfect. Plus, it goes so well with the bright red anchor (which I also had to have!) (;

nautical inspired fashion illustration, J.Crew pants, breton striped top, guess patent wedges, kate spade bag, topshop chambray shirt

Today’s fashion Illustration:
elbow sleeve tee $$ J.Crewchambray button-down or $$$ Bloomingdale’s, Minnie pant in Vibrant Flame $ J.Crewpatent wedges Guess (outlet) or $$ Michael Kors and $$$ Jimmy Choo

Yesterday, one of my talented and beautiful friends shared an incredible video from Dove. If you haven’t seen it already – watch it!

I deal with self esteem and self perception often (especially now that I’m drawing myself every week!) This campaign is a great reminder to stop being so critical!

For those of us in the fashion industry (constantly surrounded by models and perfectly styled fashionistas) it can be difficult to stay in check. But, stop focusing on the nit-picky details; try perceiving yourself from others’ perspectives; what you’ll find is you’re beautiful than you thought!

My Army Green Parka

Packing away winter clothes and rediscovering summer pieces is one of my favorite things. I love re-evaluating my wardrobe and deciding what to keep or donate. But, being on a budget makes it hard to put together the perfect Spring closet. Alterations are an affordable and easy way to get something new.

army green parka fashion illustration via Yesstyle.com

Today’s Fashion Illustration:
Yesstyle.com (altered) or $$ asos and $$$ Shopbop

More than I should, I buy things that don’t fit with the intention of altering them. But, it’s hard to find the time or motivation to actually sit at my sewing machine.

This Spring, I piled up skirts that are too long, jackets with sleeves that are too long, and pants that need hemming with the intention of getting them into circulation.

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Graphic: Striped Tee & Red Nails

FINALLY Spring is here. I suspect it’s going to quickly morph into summer… but WHATEVER!! I’m embracing, enjoying, and celebrating it while I can.  Here’s a fun fashion illustration of my warm(er) weather outfit.

Spring 14 Fashion Illustration - sateen trench coat, striped v neck t shirt, blue jeans, sandals

Today’s Illustration:
trench coat $$$ Burberry, striped v-neck $$ J.Crewcropped stretch denim $$$ Nordstrom, low wedge sandals $$ Steve Madden, (not shown) Luster necklace by Good SeasonCandace carryall Coach

This weekend VNg drove to his hometown and left me all by my onesies – YES!!!

The past few weeks have been a whirlwind of non-stop parties, dinners, and appointments (not, that I’m complaining.) Regardless – I was pumped curling up with gato, vegging in front of Extreme Couponers, and bonding with my nail polish bin.

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Gloomy Tuesday: Rain Boots & Dot Umbrella

I’m SO over this snow & rain crap.  I’m ready ready ready for Spring (or SUMMER!)  Today’s (long overdue) fashion illustration – my beloved short rain boots & the Muji umbrella I ended up carrying back from HK (it was just 1″ too big for my suitcase!)

fashion illustration rain boots and Muji polka dot umbrella

Today’s illustration:
short rain boots $ Amazon & dot umbrella Muji (or $ Target)

As you can tell from the recent shortage of fashion illustrations – I’m having some trouble finding my motivation (and getting back into the stride of things after a three week vacation.)

On top of it – I recently went to the IFB conference where I met a ton of amazing bloggers and listened to a lot of great advice.  I left feeling inspired but also with a lot to puzzle.

What kind of blogger should I be?  Am I even stylish at all — are my outfits worthy of being documented everyday (especially amidst a sea of well photographed super chic style blogs)?

All these things have me pondering my identity, too.  And, what I’m discovering is that (at heart) I’m  an illustrator than anything else.  I’m slowly working out what that means for my style… and for Sketchbook Closet.

In the meantime – thanks for your patience… & viewing!!