A Little Red, White & Blue

A little patriotic with a blue blazer and red pleated skirt.


Today’s illustration:
Burberry Brit Puffer (or Nordstrom), one-button navy school blazer
 Seoul night market (or $ Old Navy and $$$ Shopbop), Theory silk blouse (or $ Vince Camuto and $$$ Net-a-Porter), J.Crew gauze pleated skirt (or $ DKNYC and $$$ Net-a-Porter), skinny faux leopard fur belt Who.a.u (or $ Delia’s and $$$ Ralph Lauren), Kate Spade pebbled leather bag (or $ Jessica Simpson and $$$ Kate Spade nylon tote), suede lace up ankle booties Steve Madden (or $ Madden Girl)

“Lunch-outside-weather is over.  November is here.”  A sad, but true declaration from my friend.  I’m in denial.  I wore my gauzy pleated skirt anyway.  (But, with tights – I’m not crazy!)

I wanted to wear something slightly patriotic in honor of the election.  Actually, the same co-worker had on her own subconscious patriotic nod with a chic navy and red printed scarf.  I really loved it!

Maybe I will get one for myself, but then I have to be careful not to do the awkward “we are twins at work” thing.

I’ve actually done that a couple of times.  Have you ever been in a similar situation?  It’s a little embarrassing, but good for a laugh.  (:


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    I’m flattered to receive this nomination, thank you! I am looking forward to answering all the right questions and choosing five new blogs for nomination.

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