Fall ’13 NYFW Illustrated – Kate Spade

I have a major crush on Kate Spade right now. (I’m obsessed with the accessories – bows, hearts, & more bows!) And, I can’t get enough of the Fall ’13 line. I love the retro vibe and the clean  punchy graphics. Plus, they make for great fashion illustrations!

Kate Spade Fall 2013 NYFW fashion illustrations

Today’s illustration:
Kate Spade

Freaking donut sweater!? What’s not to love??  Basically, I want all of it.

Stay tuned for more from New York Fashion Week.  <3 Thanks for viewing!

  • http://www.alterationsneeded.com/ Alterations Needed

    This is too cute! I also really loved that full skirt. The shoes were also pretty awesome. So sparkly but with a menswear twist. =)

  • http://www.tongueincheeky.com/ tongueincheeky

    I am such a Kate Spade fangirl too! I want the donut sweater ^_^

    Have you seen Kate Spade’s Saturday line? It’s just as colorful and adorable.

  • SketchbookCloset

    Thanks Kelly – I’m so happy you’re viewing!!

  • SketchbookCloset

    Hi Ann – If you get the donut sweater – I definitely want to see how you wear it!! (: Thanks for viewing!

  • Ashley Aspinwall

    These sketches are adorable!! Love it :)

    xx Ashley


  • SketchbookCloset

    Ashley, glad you like them!!! Thanks for viewing. <3

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