Illustrated Gift Guide (Part 3)

You’ve seen my picks for siblingsparents, and coworkers; here are my final gift ideas for your nearest and dearest.

For your BFF: $ Two Tone Pom Pom Beanie, $ 100 Years of Fashion Illustration, $$$$ Rebecca Minkoff Swing Bag, $$$ Nicholas ID Bracelet

I love to spoil my friends with gifts they wouldn’t buy themselves.  I like this super textured hat guy and girlfriends can appreciate.  This book is one of my personal faves; it’s an unlimited source of inspiration and a chic coffee table conversation piece.  My best girlfriend is a shy shopper.  So, I’d be doing her a favor by giving her this stylish and functional studded shoulder bag.  Finally, this bold bracelet is a great addition to anyone’s jewelry box.  It could be the statement piece or her daily staple.

Gifts he'll love... you more for getting him!

For your boyfriend: $$$$ J.Crew Timex watch, $$$$ Cashmere lined gloves, $ F* Yeah Menswear, $$$ Lanvin Tie Clip

V.Ng appreciates gifts that are well-designed and useful (bonus if I find something subtly unique.)  Every guy needs a classy watch; this one is under $200 and ships from Mr. Porter.  (They do amazing gift wrapping.)  Gloves are a great idea because he pretends he’s not cold but, actually his fingers are freezing.  I love how these look, plus the cashmere lining will keep his hands extra warm.  I bought this tie clip for V.Ng and he is always excited to use it.  It’s a great mix of industrial and elevated.  For those of you who have to dress your bf, this book is a great style guide.  The attitude and crass title will make him think it’s cool; he won’t hide it when his friends come over.  (Maybe they’ll read it too!  Girlfriends everywhere will thank you.)


For yourself: $$$$ Barbour Duffle Coat (or $$$ Toggle Coat), $$$$ 3.1 Phillip Lim Satchel, $$ Tiger Graphic Sweater, $$ Leopard Booties

Okay, I know it is the season for giving.  But, after all this shopping for others… it can’t hurt to reward yourself a little… right?  I saw these while looking for my friends and I want them all!
Good luck getting all your holiday shopping done!  I hope my gift guide lightened your load. (Be sure to check out Part 1 and Part 2.) ♥


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  • Dulcie

    This is lovely, your illustrations are great! xx

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    I LOOOOOVE this! Your blog is amazing. I love your sketches! <3

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    Katie those are cute!!

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    Your illustrations are absolutely stunning! Some of the best I have seen on the internet in a while. The items really come to life through your work. I am your newest follower now, because I’m so curious to see what you’re doing next. You’ve really managed to found a niche in the blogging world! :)By the way, I also love the items you chose for this gift guide, especially both bags!


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    I really appreciate your kind and super encouraging words! I also saw you have the mini-mac bag on your blog as well. It’s a great bag! (;

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    very cool gift board. I heart that bag and animal print booties :)

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    You are so talented! I’ve just bookmarked your blog!
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