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Subtle Shine & Some Wine



Shine & Suede fashion illustration



Today’s Illustration:
foil spot sweatshirt asos, denim american eagle outfitters (or $ Macy’s and $$ J.Crew), studded cross body bag (or $$ asos and $$$$ Rebecca Minkoff), suede booties asos or ($$ Dolce Vita and $$$ adrien)

Our trip is winding down; soon we’re returning to the East Coast.  We have to get more wine tasting in!

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A Caramel Clutch in Calistoga

I hope you like my fashion illustration! (;
Today’s Illustration:
navy silk shirt Theory (or $ Old Navy and $$ Ann Taylor), skinny denim asos (or $ asos and $$$ Madewell), anchor earrings CatBird (or somewhat similar), leopard booties LOFT (or $ Madden Girl), Envelope Clutch (thanks,

V.Ng and I are enjoying our time in the Napa Valley, but choosing outfits can be tricky when the day’s could include touring a vineyard, tasting wines, strolling the main street of St. Helena, or relaxing at home.  I hate being over dressed but I never want to appear sloppy (especially around so many Michelin stars!)  The easiest solution is a chic blouse paired with jeans.  (Nothing says effortless like denim!)

It’s basic so I add standout statement pieces: bold anchor earrings and leopard ankle boots (currently 50% off with code SAVE50).  I especially love my booties because they look expensive, add height, and are comfortable all day!

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Bye, bye Bay Area!


A holiday fashion illustration from the Napa Valley!


Today’s Illustration:
sequin pocket tee
J.Crew Factorymini skirt J.Crewleopard booties LOFT (or $ Madden Girl), studded cross body bag (or $$ asos and $$$$ Rebecca Minkoff)

Apologies for the holiday hiatus! Hopefully you all had a great time with friends and family.  V.Ng and I have been enjoying the Napa Valley.  I also met my new nephew; I’m in love!

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A Little Self-Evaluation


An open weave sweater and some fun leopard flats.


Today’s Illustration:
Luster necklace by Good Season, open weave sweater J.Crew (or $ asos and $$ Saks), perfect fit tank J.Crewskinny denim asos (or $ asos and $$$ Madewell), leopard gold toe flat Zappos (or $ Madden Girl)

One of the best things I’ve done in SF is see friends.  In movies, NY seems like the best place for your social life, but it can be very lonely.  Recently I felt I had too few close friends; it really got me down.  I attributed it to a lot of things: my serious relationship with V.Ng, busy work-schedules, and my bold personality. Continue reading

Back in the Bay (Area)


Fashion illustration of my heart patch sweater and a structured clutch for an easy day in the Bay. <3


Today’s Illustration:
knit pom-pom hat asos (or $ asos), Zara gold accent coat (or $ Macy’s and $$$$ MyWardrobe), heart patch sweater asos (or $ and $$$), denim american eagle outfitters (or $ Macy’s and $$ J.Crew), leopard booties LOFT (or $ Madden Girl), Envelope Clutch (thanks,

love the Bay Area (especially the delicious food offered in the East and South Bay.)  We have so many great friends here;  we’re always happy to visit.  There are so many fun things to see, eat and do.

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The Look: Aprés Snowboard

What to wear after a day on the slopesToday’s Illustration:
beanie Rugby (or $ asos and $$$ Barney’s), flannel shirt Hollister (or $ urban outfitters and $$$ Shopbop), V.Ng’s sweater (or $ Converse and $$$ Burberry), heather leggings abercrombie (or $ the Outnet and $$$ Net-a-Porter), socks (or asos $$$ LN-CC), fuggs (or $ Old Navy and $$$ Uggs)

Happy Monday, everyone!

I just got back from a super fun weekend in South Lake Tahoe.  I had a great time!  But, only half of the fun happens on the mountain; a lot of mischief occurs after the slopes close.  (;

To prepare, I leave a change of clothes in the car. By the end of the day my pants are usually wet from falling so much. And if you ski/snowboard, you know the boots can become more unbearable than six-inch stilettos.

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My Travel Essentials


eight essential items for two weeks away from home.


Tomorrow my vacation begins!  We have a full two weeks ahead of us including snowboarding in Lake Tahoe, shopping in San Francisco, wine tasting in Napa and lots of eating all over the Bay Area.

Before this, I didn’t have a bag to accomodate my computer and tablet.  After days of surveying friends, mom and V.Ng I finally landed on this tote by MK.  It was affordable, spacious and super light-weight.  I can fit everything I need in it and avoid the hassle of lugging around two bags.

So here it is along with some other things I can’t live without (in illustration form, of course):

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I Love My: Colorblock Ray-Ban’s


Ray-Ban Two Tone Wayfarers

  Today’s Illustration: two-tone wayfarer sunglasses ($$ Ray-Ban) Last year V.Ng and I were preparing for a trip to Cali. (We visit often because my brother and his wife work in the wine industry in Napa.  Score!)  We went to Soho with the explicit goal of buying shades.  It was a disaster; I ended up crying because so many sales people were really mean to me (Pretty Woman style – wth!) After five hours of sunglass shopping, an emotional episode and a raw oyster pit-stop we finally bought some. I got wayfarers and V.Ng bought clubmasters (which looked like they were made for him.) Fate must have been against us because about a month later neither of us had them.

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Royal Raisin


Relaxed in rich berry and easy pieces.

Today’s Illustration:
crown print shirt Club Monaco, skinny denim asos (or $ asos and $$$ Madewell), suede booties (or $ Enzo Angiolini  and $$ asos), Burberry Brit Puffer (or $$ Nordstrom), oxblood cap (or $ asos)

I hope you all made it through your Monday relatively unscathed.  I’ve been busy preparing for the holidays and our trip this Friday.  V.Ng and I are spending a couple of weeks in Cali; woo hoo, I cannot wait!  (Check for my post about packing later this week.)
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Style: Daytime to Dinner


Switch out leggings with a skirt, flats for booties and take your look through morning, noon and night.


Today’s Illustration: heart sweatshirt Forever21 (or $ asos and $$$ Shopbop), silk blouse Theory (or $ asos and $$$ Theory), high-waisted leggings Zara (or $ Macy’s), bow ballet flats ALDOfaux-leather panel skirt Forever21 (or $ asos  and $$$ Rag & Bone), leopard booties LOFT (or $ Madden Girl), studded cross body bag (or $$ asos and $$$$ Rebecca Minkoff), Zara gold accent coat (or $ Macy’s and $$$$ MyWardrobe)

I guess the holiday season has everyone craving festivities; my calendar is packed with dinner dates! (I’m not complaining; I love seeing friends and nom-ing on delicious food.)  However, it does create the challenge of choosing an outfit I can take from daytime to playtime (haha, I can’t believe I wrote that.)

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