Spring Style Guide

watercolor fashion illustration from the J.Crew Style GuideToday’s Fashion Illustration:
Left: sporty clutch, cardigan (on sale), vintage cotton tee, seamed military pant (on sale), Roxie Ankle Tie Pumps

Middle: classic boy shirtMaddie pant, Fabric Bow Sandals J.Crew  or $ Schutz

Right: bucket bag $$J.Crew or $$ Loeffler Randallmixed stitch sweater, endless shirt, Martie pantMarcie Suede Sandals

How else did you think I’d keep posting if I’m repeating my outfit every day? Obviously the world is full of clothes and style to paint and draw.

This sketch is another from the pages of the wonderful J.Crew Style Guide. 

Not a lot to say about this one. (I still freaking love those bow shoes and regret not keeping a similar pair from asos last year.) I hope you like it, thanks for viewing.

Uniform: Easy Over Leggings

Simple Saturday watercolor fashion illustration sketch - this looks nothing like me, by the way
Today’s Fashion Illustration:
textured boxy coat $ similarchambray shirt $ Levi’s, high waisted leggings $ Solow or $$ Rag & Bone, ‘574’ Sneakers $ New Balance

I’m reading this book about willpower which says energy for discipline is depleted by other strenuous activities, physical or emotional. (Which explains why you yield in front of the TV with take-out and a bag of M&M’s, instead of cooking, reading, or working out, after one of those days.)

Decision-making is a top culprit. The more choices you’re forced to make – the less energy is left for willpower. The book suggests removing fluffy choices from your life. One of these – is wardrobe. (Is this calling to mind something you read about Steve Jobs’ “uniform?”)

My desire to get more done and focus on illustration had me pondering what my everyday uniform would be. I tried referencing my “go to” outfits. What did I throw on if I woke up late or had no idea?

I still haven’t landed it, but this outfit is definitely a repeat offender: chambray shirt, leggings, and sneakers. Can’t fail.

You might be thinking, ‘how is she going to keep this blog going if she is wearing the same crap every day?’ Don’t worry. I have a plan. (;

What do you think? Uniform: Yay or nay?

Bright Blues

JCrew Style Guide
Today’s Fashion Illustration:
the Martie pant $$ or $ similarchambray pocket shirt $$ or $ similar, fishtail anorak $$ (USE CODE: SPRINGSALE) or $ similar, linen bow high-heel sandals $$$ or $ similar

I love this outfit from the previous J.Crew Style Guide. The bow sandals are especially adorable; it’s no surprise they’re nearly sold out already. If you’re lucky enough to have one of the last available sizes, let me know how they look!

I’m already a big fan J.Crew’s pants (especially the Minnie), but I haven’t had a chance to try Martie yet. What’s great about their bottoms is the size range they offer. (I know some people were up in arms about the 000 size, but some girls are just thin without being unhealthy and they’re probably excited to find clothes that fit properly.) Obviously, I love the petite option.

The Martie fit is supposed to be a higher waist and a cropped length. It’s my experience that the petite length is still a little too long for me (but, I’m at the shorter end of the size spectrum), so I’m curious if the petite Martie truly delivers on that fit.

If anyone tries or owns any of these items, let me know! (Shoot me an email or tag me on Instagram @sketchbookcloset; I’d love to see!)

(Oh yeah, J.Crew is on promo right now. 25% off select items with code SPRINGSALE. I believe it ends today! Happy Shopping!!)

Treat Yourself

Vince Camuto Faunora

Today’s Fashion Illustration:
Faunora High Heel SandalVince Camuto (try: THANKU for %15 off) or  here (sale) or $$$ similar

Do you have the same problem as me? VNg calls it “an addiction.” I ignore his false and exaggerated accusations. The truth is, I love shoes. The right pair can give you loads of confidence while the wrong ones make you run for the darkest corner (regardless your outfit.) VNg teases me, but he gets it. (I see him swapping shoes in the morning as he checks the mirror before he leaves.)

But, maybe you also have another problem I have. It’s called, “soul-crushing student debt.” Maybe you have another name for whatever prevents you from being financially reckless; for me, it’s that.

These issues don’t go hand in hand harmoniously. And, the latter causes me to run the former through hoops like, “are they practical,” “how many times will I wear them,” “does the price match the value,” “do I need these?” I keep a budget and a spreadsheet (thanks, Extra Petite) and calculate things like CPW (cost per wear) before I buy or keep.

But, every rare once in a while – I do something that merits completely impractical, but very lovely shoes. I treat myself! 

I got these and will never look back. I think it’s important to (occasionally and responsibly) throw aside your rules and go for it! (And, since I only spent $42.47 it’s not like I’ll be missing my next loan payment. In fact, I’ve been aggressively making larger payments to demolish my debt – but that’s another story.)

How do you treat yourself?