Cleaning Out My (Sketchbook) Closet

Gucci Fall/Winter Collection '16 Runway

A lot has happened! VNg and I went on a 14-day trip to Hong Kong and Japan (amazing!) I’m up to my ears in work (so thankful!) And we moved into our first house!

Amidst all the packing (and unpacking) I was once again confronted by the stacks of new or half-filled sketchbooks I’ve been moving with me from place to place. (I’m pretty sure some date back to college. 🙊)

Well, I’ve been listening to TED talks, making calendars,  organizing ideas, and basically trying to get my 💩 together. I made two decisions. I will not neglect this blog! And, I will use up each and every page in each and every one of my sketchbooks before I purchase another!

Often times, I put off to sketching or posting because I want it to be “perfect.” (Blame over-sharing/Instagram/pressure to “look amazing every time.”) But, I really want to let go of that. I know doing more and making more (good or bad) will lead to growth and ultimately (hopefully) improvement. Before social media, my sketchbooks were filled with unfiltered ideas, scribbles, and drawings. I want to get back to that!

I’m really excited about it and wanted to share. That’s all! (:


Boots Boots Boots!

Boots boots boots!Today’s Fashion Illustration:
cowl neck sweatshirt $ here, check button down $$ Nordstrom or $$$ hereblue skinny jeans $$$ J Brand or $ asoshigh knee boots $$$$ Stuart Weitzman or $ Rampage

I know I’m a slow adapter, but I love these super fitted high knee boots. I desperately want to blow all my $$$ on the Stuart Weitzman ones, but (1) I’d rather go on a European excursion (2) they’ll probably end up making me feel like a sad shorty (3) I don’t think there’s room in my apartment for yet another pair of shoes . (#firstworldprobs)

A while back, Jean of Extra Petite compared the girls’ (which might have been a good option for shorter legs) and women’s version of the 5050, but her general consensus seemed to be that the adult pair was far superior.

boots work in progress

I uncovered this ridiculously affordable version with similar styling (no zip) at a fraction of the cost. However, when I tested them out (to no surprise) they weren’t really fitted through the leg and I guess the old adage is true: you get what you pay for.

For now – I’ll just have to stare at other girls with long legs enjoying their $700 boots. 😂

Scarf Love

Scarf LoveToday’s Fashion Illustration:
camel coat $$$ here or $$ herewindowpane scarf $$$ Ssense or $ asosgrey tee $ TopShop or $$ Acne, check button down $$ Madewell or $ Nordstromblack denim $ Levi’s or $$ Paige, Nike Air Max 90 Essential sneakers $$ here

It’s been anything but scarf weather here, but I can’t shake my minor obsession with this black and white grid check scarf. I saw a navy version at the Gap, but remained fixated on the version I wanted. Fortunately for me, asos was able to deliver (as always.)

my desk

Similarly, I can’t get enough of my Nike Air Max 90’s. Is it so basic of me? I just can’t say no to something as comfortable and as cute as these sneakers. I LOVE THEM.