Seoul Fashion Week

Seoul Fashion Week, @KangtonioToday’s Fashion Illustration:
bright blue jacket $$$ Stella McCartneytextured midi skirt $$$ here or $ this dress, gorgeous purple suede pumps $$$ Manolo Blahnik or $ here

There wasn’t a ton of coverage for Seoul Fashion Week, but as a true believer of it as the new center of style and trend – I tried soaking up as much as I could. There was considerably more content  around street style versus the shows. (A quick peek at #seoulfashionweek is proof. Warning: you can get lost in the bottomless abyss of style!) Regardless, there was much inspiration.

This beautiful outfit is straight from my Instagram feed. @Kangtonio has tons of SFW street shots, including the one I referenced for this sketch.

Seoul Fashion Week, @Kangtonio

There were a lot of great collections, too. My favorites are from Studio J.Koo and Low Classic.  I’m drawn to accessible styles with clean lines and updated classic shapes.

If you’re searching for more coverage on SFW, there are tons of street style round-ups and overviews.

Did you keep up with Seoul Fashion Week? What was your favorite collection?


Outfit No-Brainer

I need these Nike Air Max 90's in my lifeToday’s Fashion Illustration:
silk blouse $ Nordstrom or $$$ Vince, ruffle flounce skirt $ Ralph Lauren or $$$$ Fendi, Air Max 90 $$ Nike, convertible clutch $ Rebecca Minkoff (on sale!) or $$$ Claire V

While my legs aren’t nearly that long, I admit this sketch is based on an outfit I recently wore. On one of those days when it was warmer, I quickly threw this on underneath a field jacket. A couple of my colleagues commented on how “cute I looked” and one friend remarked, “Love your outfit! You look like Eva Chen!” I was like 👯👯👯 #winning! (We’ve already talked about how I’m terrible at putting together cute outfits. So when someone says something like that, remember that outfit and wear it as much as you can! I mean, GOD I wish I were even close to being as cool as Eva Chen.)

This is how the illustration started out!

What’s great about this outfit is it’s extremely comfortable. A silk blouse is a necessity for any wardrobe, regardless your style. It goes with so many styles and items. I like the flounce skirt because it is flattering for my shape and height. And, it adds some feminity to my lazy-boy-sneakers. (I actually have the Nike Pegasus and am considering buying a second pair… Should I!?!?) I love them so much so they’re getting a little worn down. The ones I sketched are the Air Max 90 which I am ALSO considering buying. God, I hope my husband isn’t reading this. 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Anyway, I like this outfit because (I guess) it comes off as polished and put together, but is actually really easy and comfortable! Does anyone out there love sneakers (or Eva Chen 😂) as much as I do?

Thanks for viewing, friends.

Cozy Fall Style

VNg noted that the face on the original sketch looked "not quite right." Here, I took it into Photoshop and worked on it.Today’s Fashion Illustration:
utility jacket $$$ Burberry or $ here, rib trim v-neck sweater $$$ Shopbop or $ Topshop, (faux) leather leggings $$$ Michael Kors or $$ Spanx, chunky speckle socks $$ here, flat chelsea ankle boots $ here or $$ here

Sometimes (actually, pretty often) I’ll walk past someone with incredible style. At that point, one of three things usually happens: I secretly take a super-creeper iPhone pic so I can draw them later. Or, I do an intense creepy stare as I try to memorize the scene so I can draw it later.  Very rarely, I’m actually  in a position to whip out my sketchbook and employ the extra creepy combo move of intensely staring and drawing on the spot. 😂😂😂😂

In the case of today’s sketch – I walked past a really cute girl with some semblance of this outfit. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts – I’m nowhere near a fashion icon. So, I’m always on the lookout for cute outfit ideas to draw (and imitate. 😬)

The sunlight streaming onto my desk is the bestest (:

For me, ease or comfort are extremely desirable. There’s nothing more appealing than a one-shot super cozy sweater layered over leggings. I don’t know about you, but I have a love-hate relationship with leggings. They can be remarkably repulsive, but  are without a doubt, exceptionally comfortable. I mean, they basically made it okay for us to go about daily activities in what are essentially pajamas. And, if you’re clever enough – you can look chic!! 😱 Excuse me, my brain just exploded.

So, mad props to a lady who can pull off a leggings look! 👏👏👏👏

Leggings, yes or no? Do you wear them?? And if so, HOW?!

Thanks for viewing, guys!

Atosa Nikkhah: My Bubba & Me

Atosa Nikkah @mybubbaandme(Atosa’s original post has links to what she’s actually wearing. These are some similar items I found.)

Today’s Fashion Illustration:
check cape $$$ Burberry or $ here, black turtleneck $$ Vince or $ here,  (faux) leather leggings $$$$ Balenciaga or $ here, over the knee boots $$$ Stuart Weitzman or $ here, brown top-handle bag $$$$ Prada or $ here

Thanks to the magic of Instagram, I stumbled across a gorgeous snap of  @mybubbaandme.

(Super side note: VNg and I were talking with friends about spare time and how much of it is occupied by things like Netflix or video games. I was feeling awesome about myself when I outlined a typical day involving exercising, cooking, and sketching. THEN I mentioned, “I guess the only big (non-productive) thing I do is Instagram.” And VNg goes, “you’re on Instagram for hours a day.” Hahahahahaha.)

Anyway, I was immediately compelled to work on the sketch. I envisioned leather leggings and over-the-knee boots (versus the ankle booties she actually wore, which I only saw after I finished the drawing.)

Ugh, I'm the worst at the "flat lay."

I’m so angry at myself for waiting until writing this post to look into Atosa Nikkhah.  She is one hip lady; a gorgeous, chic, and talented stylist and blogger. She dresses way better than I ever could, so go! Check her out!

(By the way, can we talk about how badly I need emoji’s for these posts?! Seriously, WordPress.)

Thanks for viewing, guys. And, if you have any favorite style sites or Ig’ers – please, share!