Street Style: Traveling with Spikes and Sequins

One of the greatest benefits of working in the fashion industry for the past er…so many years 😂 is meeting and befriending talented and incredible individuals. I worked with Erin for a while before I discovered she was a trend-setting style blogger.

Erin, of Spikes and Sequins, is effortlessly cool on the go!

Travel’s on my brain since I’ll be going on vacation this Tuesday. When I saw this perfect airport outfit on her Instagram, I had to put it on paper. She even filled out my street style questionnaire and (BONUS!) answered some extra questions about travel. ✈️

She's the sweetest!

When I fly, I always bring:

1. headphones
2. backpack
3. charger 

My favorite travel snack: pretzels 🙂

Photo from Erin's Instagram @spikesandsequins

I hope you liked today’s post. Thursday I’ll be sharing a few of my favorite spots in Honolulu. 🌴 Thanks for viewing and be sure to check out Erin’s site, Spikes and Sequins! 😘

Review: Fat & the Moon Dry Shampoo

Recently, (like most of the Greater New York area) I’ve been exercising more frequently. Combined with the heat and humidity of summertime, I feel like I need to shower 2-3 times a day… which is terrible for my (fine, limp, and bodyless) hair.

Bedtime should be whimsical and fun!

During my visit to Berkeley,  my friend suggested (and recommended) dry shampoo as a solution. I know, I know – I am very late to the dry shampoo party. But, I was grossed out by the concept of not washing my hair. She told me to stop being ridiculous and explained that it’s great for fine all hair because it adds texture and volume and you’re not continually stripping your hair with water and harsh shampoo.

The way dry shampoo works (which I didn’t know) is (typically) silica or starch absorb the oil and grease from your hair, then you brush it out (taking along the oils.) So, it’s great for people with dry scalp.

Protect your hair, the Earth, and smell like chocolate... winning all around!

She also told me it’s easy and inexpensive to make your own with a few ingredients. But, lucky for (lazy) me, we happened to see this one while we were out.

To use it, you tap it onto the roots of your hair (with a makeup brush.) Sometimes I do this step in the shower or with a towel around my shoulders for easy clean-up. Next, flip your head upside down brush it out. Easy!

The branding for Fat and the Moon is really adorable. I also love that the three ingredients are pure and simple (no aluminum here!) The cocoa powder adds a soft and subtle color to hair, giving it a little more texture and volume. The starch and kaolin clay absorb the bad stuff!

Carefully formulated for the optimal clay/starch/cocoa ratio!

I’ve used this several times and really like it. It delivers on all promises. It makes my hair smell delicious and feel clean, full, and bouncy.

Pro tips: Always apply dry shampoo to completely dry hair. Wait two full minutes before styling your hair.

If you try it out, I hope you like it!


Street Style: Miss Pouty

The second street style sketch is here and full of surprises! I hope you like it!

Sun aka @misspoutySeen in: Brookfield Place

I am still getting the hang of approaching strangers and to be honest, I’m such a wuss I have a success rate of one photo per every six hours of lugging my heavy 🍑 camera around.

Well, my friend and I unknowingly planned to hang out on one of the hottest and most miserable days of the month. Because of that, we chose to meet at Brookfield Place. (For those of you who don’t know, Brookfield Place is a bougie mall near the World Trade Center.)

Thanks again to the sweet & stylish @MissPouty!!

So, I’m drenched in sweat (😜 overshare, sorry) trying to find my friend in this mall when I couldn’t help noticing AMAZING staying-cool-in-the-heat style. I had to be brave, right? It was totally worth it!

Sun was so sweet, letting me direct her and take several photos (yes, I finally took more than one picture 😂) even though she was running to catch her train (I hope she made it!)

Incredible style on the go!

Would you believe my luck!? After I checked out her Instagram I have to say I am not surprised she has such effortless style. She is the owner of a very chic store in Greenpoint, Pas Mal.

I’m learning from these experiences that NYC is filled with friendly, talented, and incredible people (and to be brave!) I hope you liked today’s post and check-out Sun’s cute shop. 😊



Getaway: Washington DC

Contributing writer, Erum Jilani

A short one-hour flight (or 3.5 hour train ride) from NYC, Washington D.C. is the perfect weekend getaway for those who want to indulge in history, culture, and a vibrant food scene (Bon Appetit just named the nation’s capital the “Restaurant City of the Year”). Often given a bad rap, the capital of our nation has more to offer than just partisan politics and gridlock. Erum Jilani, Asia Advisor for the Secretary of Defense and fellow Parsons Grad, shows us five places to hit up for the weekend.

minibar and barmini

Barmini in Washington DC📷 Erum Jilani

José Andrés’ experiment in avant-garde cooking and cocktails is always an experience. With a fixed price menu at minibar, the twenty-five-course creations often involve liquid nitrogen smoke, a syringe, and test tubes. It’s part science class part cooking but as the Washingtonian recently touted “for the food-obsessed there is no better show”.

For those of us not looking to shell out $300 on a dinner, head to barmini next door. José Andrés applies the same surrealist concepts from Minibar into his cocktails. Reservations are a must as the bar books up as far as three weeks out. Try the “Ticket to Phuket” a lovely mix of Thai chilis, ginger, mescal and basil.

minibar and barmini
501 9th St NW
Washington, DC 20004

Tue-Thu 5:45pm – 1am
Fri 5:45pm – 2am

Nighttime Monument Stroll

WWII Memorial in Washington DC📷 Erum Jilani

There is no better nighttime activity than strolling the monuments at night in all their lite up grandeur. Pay tribute to our greatest founding father and start at the Washington Monument, follow the footpath to the World War II Memorial (pictured), Lincoln Monument, Vietnam and Korean War Veterans Memorials.

Hop into an uber to the nearby Thomas Jefferson Memorial and pay tribute to the author of the Declaration of Independence. It is by far my favorite monument for its elegance and view of the Potomac tidal basin.

Union Market

Union Market in Washington DC📷 Erum Jilani

Opening its doors two years ago, Union Market has quickly become a foodies’ haven and the go to market for DC’s finest purveyors. The market serves as an incubator for small business owners who often house their first brick and mortar stores in the market.

Be sure to hit up Peregrine Espresso for a smooth Americano and TaKorean for the best bulgogi tacos the city has to offer. For “responsibly sourced” American food check out Bidewell, housed in the corner of the market. Chef John Mooney offers weekend tours of their rooftop aeroponic garden. The food is literally ‘roof to table’. Just outside the

Just outside the market, you’ll find Argentine gelato at Dolcezza’s production plant and tasting room. On weekends they offer tours of the gelato factory and tastings of their latest creations such as Grapefruit Campari gelato.

Union Market
1309 5th St NE
Washington, DC 20002

Tues-Fri 11am – 8pm
Sat-Sun 8am – 8pm

Le Diplomate

Fabulous brunch at le diplomate📷 Erum Jilani

For the hottest brunch spot in DC hit up Le Diplomate. The former laundromat has been transformed into a little piece of Paris. Stephen Starr had designers scour France to find the authentic bar, tables, and chairs that fill the restaurant. The green tiled “greenhouse” room is my favorite in the wintertime especially when you can pretend you are dining al fresco even in a snow storm. The oysters and shellfish are so good that First Lady Michelle Obama took the French First Lady to this hotspot. For brunch definitely order a cheese plate and round of fresh west coast oysters.

The green tiled “greenhouse” room is my favorite in the wintertime especially when you can pretend you are dining al fresco even in a snow storm. The oysters and shellfish are so good that First Lady Michelle Obama took the French First Lady to this hotspot. For brunch definitely order a cheese plate and round of fresh west coast oysters.

Le Diplomate
1601 14th St NW
Washington, DC 20009

 9:30am – 3:00pm

Sat – Sun:
3:00pm – 5:00pm

5:00pm – 11:00pm
 5:00pm – Midnight


Georgetown, Washington D.C.

Spend an afternoon relaxing, shopping and walking along the Cheasapeake and Ohio Canal in Georgetown. The preppy neighborhood that houses Georgetown University is a picturesque mix of row houses, shops and cafes along cobblestone sidewalks. Make sure to stop by Baked and Wired for a cup of Counter Culture and choose from a dozen cupcake varieties. The little coffee shop is a favorite of Georgetown students and locals flock there on weekends for the baked treats. When you’ve had your fill of retail therapy (you’ll find local boutiques to 5th Avenue stores lining M street) sit down for a drink at The Rye Bar housed in the Rosewood Hotel. The dark wood interior, matched with creamy leather sofas and modern art is a perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle that surrounds Georgetown. The bar specializes in rye whiskey but can conjure up just about anything to your liking.

Contributed by: Erum Jilani

Street Style: Owo

I am so excited about this new part of Sketchbook Closet!

If you’ve read my other posts, you’ll know I struggle with coming up with inspiring material. I’m always hoarding magazines and sneaking photos of cute outfits. Well, I’ve decided to stop creeping (for the most part) and officially capture all that awesome style out there.

08132016-Street-Style-OwoSeen in: Soho

First of all, mad props to all street style photographers! It takes major courage to approach a total stranger and ask to take their picture. (Many may not believe it, but I’m a pretty shy person and it took me weeks to work up the nerve to even consider walking around with my camera.) Fortunately for me and contrary to popular belief, New York City is full of friendly and awesome people!

I feel so lucky that Owo is the first person I attempted to ask; she and her friend were so kind and warm when I stopped them. She was even excited to fill out my little quiz. And, it’s almost like fate: she is an artist (with unbeatable style!)

Owo work in progress

I’m so glad I mustered the courage to stop her… if only my photo did her more justice. (I was so nervous, I quickly snapped just two so I could capture her outfit to draw so I didn’t include it.) I definitely need to up my photography game. Tips and pointers are welcome!

Shop: Darling NYC

Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE NEW YORK CITY. Honestly, I think it is the best city in the world. Hands down. (Bring on the arguments!)

Visit this Darling shop in New York City.

One of the things that makes me love the city so hard is, you can wander (forever) and stumble upon the cutest spots. One such occurrence happened yesterday as I was meandering around the Village with one of my nearest and dearest.

08112016-Darling-4📷 Yelp

We found: Darling NYC, a super cute, well edited, boutique/vintage shop/Insta-worthy event space. There were so many cute things  (but, I exercised restraint. You’re welcome, VNg.) I loved how the vintage area was exceptionally curated and easy to peruse. The staff was so friendly as they talked to us about the intimate concert they were setting up in the garden.

I can’t wait to go back (and shop.) 😂

Darling NYC
1 Horatio Street
New York, NY 10014

M-Sat 12-8p
Sun 12-7p