Beautiful Bow Shoes

052516-Bow-Shoesreference: @bespoke_pr

Well, it’s 3:50 in the morning and I can’t sleep – why not work on a blog post for your viewing enjoyment?

These days I’m trying to work more on illustration and less on design work. So, I’m trying to create the habit of banging out a couple of quick sketches in the morning. For me, the most time-consuming part of the process is figuring out subject matter.  Thank you, Instagram!

My feed is an endless flow of gorgeously framed brunches, creatively styled bloggers, and beautiful accessories. Today’s sketch came straight from a lookbook @bespoke_pr was working on.

Speaking of MBFW, there always seems to be something going on , but seldom the inspiration well does run dry.  So, if you have some amazing source of inspiration, please share!


She Wore Marchesa

Katy Perry in Marchesa at the 2016 amfAR Cannes Cinema Gala

I always wonder what it takes (aside from being a fabulous celebrity) to get invited to these incredible events. Don’t they feel like they’re missing a sassy and petite Jersey City-based illustrator?

At least I have Snapchat and Instagram. (I loved all the snaps from the event and got to feel like I was there… just a little bit. God, I’m such a nerd.)

Sometimes I’m not sure if Ig is a good thing or bad thing. Shouldn’t I be doing more productive things with my morning, like mindful meditation (or some crap like that), rather than kill a solid 45 minutes swooning over pink brunch in a perfectly laid out hotel suite? Then again, when the first thing I deal with in the AM is Sicily’s pee all over my curtains… those beautiful and magical photos let me fantasize about a life filled with ruffles and silk sans cat pee. (Or at least be so fabulous that there is someone else to clean up the cat pee.)

Whatevs, at least it’s Friday and today I get to hang out with one of my favorite people and listen to some sick music tonight! Yayyyyy.

Bee tee dubs, painting lace is mad hard.

Cleaning Out My (Sketchbook) Closet

Gucci Fall/Winter Collection '16 Runway

A lot has happened! VNg and I went on a 14-day trip to Hong Kong and Japan (amazing!) I’m up to my ears in work (so thankful!) And we moved into our first house!

Amidst all the packing (and unpacking) I was once again confronted by the stacks of new or half-filled sketchbooks I’ve been moving with me from place to place. (I’m pretty sure some date back to college. 🙊)

Well, I’ve been listening to TED talks, making calendars,  organizing ideas, and basically trying to get my 💩 together. I made two decisions. I will not neglect this blog! And, I will use up each and every page in each and every one of my sketchbooks before I purchase another!

Often times, I put off to sketching or posting because I want it to be “perfect.” (Blame over-sharing/Instagram/pressure to “look amazing every time.”) But, I really want to let go of that. I know doing more and making more (good or bad) will lead to growth and ultimately (hopefully) improvement. Before social media, my sketchbooks were filled with unfiltered ideas, scribbles, and drawings. I want to get back to that!

I’m really excited about it and wanted to share. That’s all! (: