Physique 57: Barre Style

Physique 57 Workout Outfit

Today’s Fashion Illustration:
mesh inset leggings $$ adidas by Stella McCartney or $ VS, strappy detail tank $$ Athleta or $$$ Alexander Wangcolorful sports bra $$ Gap or $ H&Mgrip socks $ Free Peoplebarre shoes $$$ Blake Brody or $ Reebok

Those of you who know me in real life had to know a Physique post was coming up! I am obsessed and I have to tell the world.

There are a lot of reasons I wanted to “get in shape:” to be stronger, have more energy, look great in my wedding dress, etc.

After failing to find programs that made a difference – a colleague’s recommendation influenced me to give (pricey) Physique57 a try. A little less than thirty days before my wedding, I booked my first class.

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Success: Vince Camuto ‘Caprita’ Pumps

Vince Camuto Caprita Pointy PumpsToday’s Fashion Illustration:
Vince Camuto ‘Caprita’ Leather Pointy Toe Pumps

As you may know, my feet are ridiculously small. I read a lot of petite blogs, but so far none of them rival the child-size-ness of my feet. I own these shoes in size 4.5!

Sometimes, when purchasing sneakers at the less expensive kids’ price, this is awesome. Other times, when I can’t find a grown-up-lady shoe to save my life, it is so frustrating and depressing I want to crawl into a shoe-less-land and give up. (So sad!)

Seriously, here is a typical example of me shoe shopping:

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AEO Jeggings – Black Slashed Denim Trend

American Eagle Outfitters Stretch Jegging Black Slashed DenimToday’s Fashion Illustration:
black slashed jegging $ AEO

Ok, I love these jeans. Imagine my surprise when Refinery29 posted about a black slashed denim trend. Guys! I am on trend!! Haha.

Let me tell you about these jeans. I recently went into Blue & Cream on 1st Street to try on shoes. The (too cool for school) store associate comes over and goes, “I love your jeans. We have those here, the Rag & Bone.” Aaaaand I had to say, “Oh, thanks! Actually, these are from American Eagle.” I believe she replied by saying she didn’t like AE jeans and walked away.

I’m not going to knock Rag & Bone jeans; I’m sure they’re amazing. For $395, they should be. But, I can’t knock my AE jeans either. I mean – they fit great, feel good, cost me less than $39.95 and I guess look like they’re worth more!

Are you on top of this black slashed denim trend? If so, did you go for luxury or affordability?

Warm Up

Zara Camel Coat Fashion Illustration AEO Jeans Pom Pom Sweater

Today’s Fashion Illustration:
girly tank $ aeriecream cable knit sweater $ Nordstrom or $$$ Carvendestroyed denim $ AEO or $$$ Current/Elliott, $$ Vince Camuto ‘Caprita’ low heel pump, wool camel coat $$ Zara or $$$$ Stella McCartney

Hi friends. If you’ve stuck around – you’re my hero! Thank you for continuing your support. Posts will now appear regularly on Wednesday’s!

Now, in the words of Physique57 instructors, “Let’s get right into this!”

Temperatures are dropping quickly and I’m reaching for more and more layers each day. I’ve also been working out each morning and have to strategize pieces that can handle being stuffed in my gym tote.

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Stand By


You’ve probably noticed my massive lack of posting. Wedding-mode has fully consumed me and no doubt I’ll soon transform into a full-fledged bridezilla. Woo hoo!!!

I promise, posting will return in a few months. I have a lot of exciting plans (and yes, including sketching each and every piece in my closet.)

Until then, you can follow my adventures via Instagram.

Wardrobe Essential: the Leather Jacket pt. 2

Here’s the final result of my fashion sketch! It was completed with watercolor and cleaned up in Photoshop.

All Saints Spitalfields Cargo Leather biker jacket watercolor fashion illustration sketch

Today’s Fashion Illustration:
 $$$ Cargo Biker Jacket 
or Free People $$ Vegan Leather Moto

These days, it seems the leather moto is an on-trend must-have. The price tag can average well over $300; so I see it as something of an “investment.” For what you could end up spending, this jacket should last forever.

I’m not sure about tailoring leather, so I wanted something that looked great off the hanger. (A tall order for a short girl.)

My hunt for the perfectly proportioned piece lasted two years. (My friend, also spent a year choosing her leather love.) But, it was well worth it!

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Wardrobe Essential: the Leather Jacket pt. 1

And now, back to some classic Sketchbook Closet fashion illustration. (Don’t worry, Wedding Wednesday will be back soon!)

allsaints leather jacket fashion sketch sketchbook

Today’s Fashion Illustration:
 $$$ Cargo Biker Jacket 
or Free People $$ Vegan Leather Moto

A while ago, my friend recommended posting work in progress. After much deliberation, I’m finally getting around to it. It’s fun for me to see the process of the pieces; I hope you’ll enjoy it too!

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V-Day Gift Guide: Skin Lovers

Aesop Mandarin Facial Hydration Cream and Bliss FabulipsFor Him: Aesop Facial Hydrating Cream & For Her: Fabulips Set by Bliss

VNg loves when I do illustrated gift guides… I figured five days ’til V-day, why not?

Let’s start the countdown with some faves of VNg’s and mine.

I’m a huge fan of the Aesop line and I think I got this moisturizer for the first time last year as a Christmas gift. He loves it, it smells great, is light on the skin, not too oily, and keeps his face moisturized all day. It’s especially perfect in these harsh dry winters.

As for me, I absolutely love Bliss spa and products. (Also why I love W Hotels so much!)

This year for Christmas, VNg got me a gift card for Bliss and I tried out Fabulips for the first time. The treatment was a little silly. I don’t think I’d ever spend thirty real dollars for a glorified version of someone putting lip gloss on me. But, I did fall in love with the lip scrub and peppermint plumper.

This would be the perfect little gift set for any girl you want to pamper!

I’m going to try to continue the countdown throughout the week with more gift guides. Stay tuned.

And, as always, thanks for viewing. (I know it’s been ridiculously infrequent. Blame it on wedding planning!)

Thankful! My Fashion Illustration Evolution

Progress is awesome!! Thanks for all the support!!

I hope everyone is having a fantastic Thanksgiving! This year has given me so many things to be thankful for: my gorgeous new nephew, VNg asked me to marry him, a fabulous new job, and of course the usual: my great family and friends.

One thing I’m extremely thankful for is the incredible support and encouragement I’ve received while doing Sketchbook Closet. I wanted to share how far I feel I’ve come in just a year. This blog was supposed to be a fun outlet for me – but also help me hone my skills. While things haven’t turned out exactly the way I expected (what does?) I’ve definitely seen “improvement” in my sketching ability (especially speed)! It’s exciting to be able to see the difference over the past year.

Thanks so much everyone, I wouldn’t have been able to keep on posting without everyone’s super kind words!!!

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday!

Kate Spade: Waverly Street Drew Handbag

Fashion illustration of my  favorite Kate Spade handbag, the Waverly Street Drew bag.Kate Spade $$ Waverly Street Drew Bag (On sale for $199!)

If you follow my instagram you may have seen a page in my sketchbook with all of my handbags. I was toying around with the idea of doing a “bag gallery” of all the bags I own. Most of you thought it was a fun idea (I do too!) I’m still trying to figure out how I want to format it. But, for now – here’s an entry into the archives for that plan.

This fashion illustration is of one of my favorite handbags – My Kate Spade Waverly Street Drew satchel.

I actually got this baby on Gilt during a flash sale. Sites like Gilt get me every time (which is why I don’t shop them often.) You know how they only let you hold an item in your shopping cart for a limited amount of time? That stresses me out! Plus – competing with all the other shoppers for items as soon as the sale goes live?! No wonder this was an impulse buy!!

Fortunately, it turned out to be a great find. I love it. It’s the perfect size, has lots of cute details, and is perfect for lady-like functions such as baby showers and tea time!

Oddly enough, this is VNg’s favorite handbag. He really loves it for some reason… It’s funny to me when boys have very strong preferences to fashion.