Under Rated: LOFT

Ann Taylor LOFT: Vintage Cuffed TeeToday’s Fashion Illustration:
cuffed broken-in tee $ LOFT

“I don’t wanna shop at old lady stores. I don’t wanna go to J. Jill and Chico’s and Ann Taylor Loft. I’m not ready yet.”

- Leslie Mann in “This is 40” (Judd Apatow)

That line, along with several others in the movie, had me in tears. I think it’s a sentiment a lot of us can relate to. Despite their recent facelift and promotion from young style bloggers like Extra Petite, it’s hard to remove LOFT from that “mom” category.

Recently, I’d overhauled my closet and (sort of) landed on my  “professional uniform.” For whatever reason, I decided to give Loft a try when it came to the task of filling the holes. I’m so glad I did.

Poof! Any preconceived notion I had about Loft is fading away. In fact, they might be my new favorite destination for basics. I already have four of these cuffed broken-in tees and I’m sure I’ll get more. The fit is really perfect, the fabric is soft, it looks expensive but isn’t. (Whenever I wear it, the compliments come rolling in.) Win.

Thank you, LOFT. I’m sorry for calling you a “mom store.”

Every Last Shoe: Re-cap 01

Today’s Fashion Illustration:
navy suede low-heel pumps $ Nine West or $$$ Kate Spade, “Flex Supreme” trainer $$ Nike, floral pumps (old asos) $ similar

A few weeks ago a friend sent me this link. It talks about talented designer Elle Luna and her method and process for achieving the “impossible.” Based on a Yale Graduate School workshop, whether complex or straightforward, participants repeat the same task every day for one-hundred days. The aim and usually inevitable result is an improvement, growth, expanded thinking, and a sort of “creative shake-up.”

“I’ve been feeling (this) discontent for a while,” my friend said in her email. She urged us to join her in this judgement-free zone of creation and exploration.

It seemed like a no-brainer to partake. Currently on day 9, for the next 91 days I’ll be drawing every pair of shoes I own. You can follow my journey here or on Instagram with #everylastshoe.

Be sure to check out #the100dayproject. It’s beautiful, inspiring, and incredible.

Is there something you’ve wanted to improve? What could you accomplish in 100 days?

Backpack Beauty

Convertible back pack purse, Kate Spade. New York City fashion illustration

Today’s Fashion Illustration:
leather backpack 
$ Sole Society, $$ Kate Spade, $$$ Alice & Olivia

I saw a girl on the street with this backpack and had instantaneous envy. The obvious appeal of a backpack is how effortless it looks (and is!) But, this one had the clean and classic lines of Kate Spade and, the gorgeous texture of pebbled leather. (I’m a sucker.)

Unfortunately, I’m on a (100 day) shopping moratorium. Hopefully it lasts until July!

Typically, I carry a ton of junk. Friends tease I’m already an ahjumma. Need tissues? Got ‘em. Splashed sauce on your shirt? Let me Tide pen you. No soap in the restroom? Here, take this or this. Need lip balm? Hand sanitizer? Breath mints? Oil blotting sheets?! I’VE GOT IT ALL! Not to mention, sometimes I carry my iPad mini (for sketching), my soft-cover Moleskine (for creeping on you), and about thirty pens. My shoulder feels it. A friend suggested a backpack, but I already look like I’m fourteen.

This could be the perfect solution!! Anyone out there have a non-school/sporty backpack they love? Please share, I must know!

Thanks so much for viewing. I hope you liked today’s illustration.

Daily Outfit Sketches

watercolor fashion sketches of daily outfits of the day, sorry Mom, not a lot of color here...Today’s Fashion Illustration:
My favorites: Nike Sky High $$ sneakers, perforated slip-ons $$ Via Spiga or $ similar, destroyed denim skinny jeans $ AEO or $$ similar, extreme legging $ Denim X or $$$ similar, ankle boots $$$ Rag & Bone or $ similar

A friend sent me the Tumblr of a talented illustrator who is also into sketching her outfits daily. She calls it “color blocking.” Definitely check it out (and her amazing comic.)

Anywho, that hashtag combined with this post on paring down your wardrobe inspired me to actually catalog my daily outfits. (I also thought it could help me figure out “my uniform.”)

It was fun but made me realize (1) my “style” is waaaaaay boring and (2) I don’t really pay attention to a lot of the details on my clothes. (I found myself pulling them out to reference seam placement or small details.) As an illustrator, I think that’s a nice reminder for observing everything in my day-to-day life. After all, the better I can mentally record visual information, the better I will be able to express it through drawing. (:

I hope you liked my boring weekday outfits!