Street Style: Casual Vibes in Soho

My insecurity of approaching and photographing strangers is slowly falling away. 🎉 Unfortunately, I haven’t completely conquered it. I was too awkward/felt bad interrupting to ask for any information so, I’m sorry to say I don’t even have her Instagram handle. 😔 (fear = regret = not worth it! Lesson learned.)

Easy and comfortable transitional style in a gorgeous shade of red.

Regardless, I was happy I encountered this lovely lady and walked away with a couple of great shots. I’m really addicted to these wide and flowy pants (as I’m sure the rest of the world is or will be soon enough.)

Love her manicure, too! Understated, but classy!

I really liked how simple and structured her bucket bag was. Also, the scale! 😍 Sometimes I feel they can be a little overbearing for petite frames.

On the street in Soho, comfortable style in transitional colors!

I don’t know about you, but when I have a long day of walking ahead of me, I struggle with balancing comfort and style. Don’t you think this looks perfect for exploring and enjoying Soho? I love it!

Thanks so much for viewing.

Are you enjoying my street style sketches? Next, up: Paris Fashion Week sketches!

Milan Fashion Week: Quick Sketches

I don’t know why, but I churned out a bunch of these Milan Fashion Week sketches. Maybe it’s because I feel I’m finally nailing down my style. 👯 (You may have also noticed, I got the stand for my phone… so, more process videos, yayyyy.)

There were a ton of gorgeous looks on the runway in Milan. I wish I could have sketched them all… but you know, I’m not a fashion illustration robot. (Too bad. This is all you get.)

Milan Fashion Week SS 2017 Versace Jil Sander Fashion Illustration

This peach pleated number was one of my favorites from Jil Sander.

Milan Fashion Week SS 2017 Versace Marni Fashion Illustration

Red remains a key color as evidenced here by Marni.

Milan Fashion Week SS 2017 Dolce Gabbana Work in Progress

Milan Fashion Week SS 2017 Versace Dolce Gabbana Fashion Illustration

Dolce & Gabbana was one of my favorite shows. I loved all the intricate details and nods to Italian food!

Milan Fashion Week SS 2017 Max Mara Fashion Illustration

Max Mara wasn’t the only one showing head-to-toe monochromatic dressing. However, I couldn’t ignore the blatant love for comfortable footwear (clogs) and ahjumma-tastic accessories (sun visor 🙌!)

Milan Fashion Week SS 2017 Versace Marni Fashion Illustration

Marni also showed several head-to-toe monochromatic looks. Apparently, this one-color technique helps elongate your body. I will have to try employing this…

Milan Fashion Week SS 2017 Versace Fashion Illustration

Versace was another of my favorites. (I know this is totally un-classy, but I found myself saying “ver-say-suh” over and over again in my head while I painted this. 😂 )

Milan Fashion Week SS 2017 Versace Milan Fashion Week SS 2017 Versace Fendi Fashion Illustration

Um, I have so much love for Fendi right now, I can’t even handle it. This bag, though. Seriously. FENDI KILLING IT. Thank you!

Thanks for viewing, I hope you liked the sketches!! 😘

Shirt Dress with Chambray Detail and Silver Sneakers

The fear of approaching strangers and taking their picture is slowly diminishing. (Hooray!) Additionally, I’m working hard on improving my photography skills. I even registered for a class at FIT. (Back to school, back to school to prove to dad I’m not a fool.)

Aaaaanyway, this past Friday I decided to gather my courage and hit the streets to take advantage of the gorgeous weather and capture the final glimpses of summer style. (😢 Farewell summer, my love…)

I had so much fun sketching the adorable style of Gaby Haam!

Seen in Soho

I ran into Gaby and her friend on West Broadway. She was so sweet and gracious about letting me take her picture. (Also, her Instagram feed is new but beautiful. Check it out.)

How simple yet special is her outfit? The details and accessories really elevate the look. Her silver accent sneakers were my favorite! I mean, everyone’s wearing white sneakers but these were really special.

Amazing dress, shoes, bag... Style via Gaby Haam!! <3

I’m having a lot of fun with my street style, so I’ll be (trying to) increase posts and photos! That, or I just love the extra torture of pushing myself outside my comfort zone. 😂

(Side note: By popular request, I got a stand for my iPhone so I’ve been posting more time-lapse painting process videos on my feed!)

Thanks for viewing, I hope you liked today’s post!

Everlane Shoe Park

As you know, one of my favorite things about NYC is stumbling upon new spots and unexpected events. I got the best of both as my friend and I thought we were checking out Everlane’s brick & mortar but actually walked into #ShoePark.

Everlane's pop-up shop in SoHo, shoe park!

Once you sign-in and check your shoes at the front you’re free to roam the Instagram-ready fixtures as you try on ALL the shoes. 👠

There’s seating, a charging area, and (in true SF fashion) a generally laid-back and relaxed vibe.

Rounding out this Bay Area-based brand experience are offerings from Blue Bottle (I dropped $4 on the cutest mini can of cold brew and never looked back) and a pretty pink Glossier counter with a few lip shades to try and buy.

the Modern Loafer, by Everlane - fashion illustration by Katie Cadamatre

Of the styles I tried, my favorite was ($170) the Modern Loafer. I wore size 5 and as the staff advised, it ran narrow. But, since it’s genuine leather, I imagine it would stretch and become comfortable with a bit of mink oil and a few wears. (Can anyone attest to this?)

I really like the shape and line of the shoe enough that I will buy might consider purchasing it anyway . Online, it’s available in nine gorgeous colors perfect for fall. (My favorites are pewter and camel.)

Everlane's pop-up shop in SoHo, shoe park!

I walked out empty handed (to satisfy VNg.) But, I can’t promise I won’t be back before they close-up shop in October. (I’m definitely going back. 😂)

Have you purchased Everlane footwear? If you head to the pop-up, let me know what you thought!

Everlane | Shoe Park
83 Wooster St.
New York, NY 20012

Sept. 23 – Oct. 23, 2016

Mon-Sat 11am – 8pm
Sun 11am



London Fashion Week: Quick Sketches

Fashion week month is whizzing by. Despite taking it all in from (the comfort of) my desk, I’m thoroughly enjoying the culmination of all the teams’ hard work. Having been a part of it before, and with a lot of friends losing sleep and missing meals for the past few months, I really appreciate all the dedication, effort, and time that goes into these shows.

Spring Summer 2017 London Fashion Week Toga

It’s also fun picking up on the trends as they start to surface, becoming clearer with each show. I’m especially loving all the gingham and menswear prints showing up!! Toga pulled at my heartstrings with this look which combined the two, not to mention it was ridiculously fun to paint.

London Fashion Week - Quick fashion illustrations, watercolor

I’m having way too much fun hunched over my desk, quickly scrawling these in my sketchbook. If you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed I just discovered the time-lapse feature on my phone. (Hahaha, I know – I’m such ahjumma. I’m SUPER noob, so please excuse the shadows and camera shake.)

Spring Summer 2017 London Fashion Week Erdem

I didn’t do this lace-eriffic Erdem piece justice – see the real deal. The show is fantastic.

Spring Summer 2017 London Fashion Week Topshop Unique

As soon as I saw this, I couldn’t RESIST painting it. Tulle, layers, monochrome! I had to. Topshop Unique really laid it on heavy with the 80’s party vibe, but I have to admit, I enjoyed it.

Now, we’re already onto Milan… I’m still trying to catch up with all the London shows. What were your favorites?

LFW: Isa Arfen SS 2017

I’ve been trying my best to keep up with the shows, but it’s incredibly overwhelming. Just like that, London is over and it’s on to Milan. London Fashion Week 2017 - Isa Arfen

There’s been some really good coverage all over the place. And, I’ve actually been loving Nordstrom’s write-ups (via my Feedly.)

London Fashion Week 2017 - Isa Arfen

I’m not familiar with this line, but I have to say this season it is one of my favorites. The bow details, color-blocking, playfully bold prints, cut-outs, and saturated colors… what’s not to love!!!? The source of inspiration is clear and it’s incredibly well done.

If you haven’t seen the collection, have a look. You won’t be disappointed. 😉

Side note: I hope you like today’s illustrations. I’ve been experimenting with different mediums and trying various approaches to loosen up. These were done with ink first (no pencil lines!) and filled in with concentrated liquid watercolor washes. I tried adding speed to the equation to force me to pick and choose what was most important to represent. What do you think? Are you a fan of this bold ink style? Or, do you miss the delicate soft pencil style?

As always, thanks for viewing!

Street Style: Xi

My anniversary staycation is over and we’re back with your regularly scheduled programming: street style sketches!

Another street style sketch - summer whites on Xi!Seen in the Flatiron District

I’m not gonna lie, I still haven’t overcome my shyness and fear when approaching strangers.

Also, my schedule was overwhelmed probably during the worst possible time: fashion week. 😫 I definitely should have taken advantage of all the amazing outfits out there in the wild… unfortunately,  I was chained to my desk (or sick in bed.) 😪

Well, back to the struggle. Friday, I attempted to get more photos (and approached one person ❕) but was unsuccessful.

Hoping to improve my chances of taking good/usable photos, I’ve registered for a (social media focused) photography class. 😀 I’m really excited and can’t wait to go back to school!

Hi, Xi!

Anyway, Xi here was gracious enough to let me interrupt her and her friends so I could snap a few photos for today’s post. (Isn’ t she a natural in front of the camera?!)

I really love her easy summer style. Aside from an awesome cut and cute details, her top has a great Baja stripe. But being neutral, her all-white ensemble perfectly brings the beach to the city.

She gorgeously demonstrates mixing whites and how to beat the heat without sacrificing style. 😉 I’m hoping we still have a few weeks of summer weather left. Temperatures have started dropping, but my fingers are crossed we don’t immediately plummet into the depths of frigid NYC winter.

Cutie, Xi, in summer whites with neutral stripes and beachy vibes.

Want to help me collect street style? If you have some fun OOTD photos, I’d love to see and maybe we can get a fun illustration and post out of it! Email or message me on Instagram. 😘


Short Break!

Sorry, I haven’t updated with any new sketches this week! I’ve come down with a cold and been a bit inundated with work. On top of that, I’m celebrating my wedding anniversary! ☺️

Photo: Chellise Michael📷 Chellise Michael photography

I promise, I’ve been doing a lot of behind the scenes work on the website and have a lot of exciting updates in store. (Stay tuned!)

Since travel can sometimes leave you feeling like you need another vacation, VNg and I are planning on exploring the city we love and were married in, New York.

I’ll try to post some sketches and fun snaps 📸 on Instagram.  And, regular sketches and scheduling will be back on Monday morning! 😉


NYFW: SS 2017

New York Fashion Week is ending soon. I’ve been incredibly busy, but still managing to take a quick peek at most of the shows. (I also like watching the videos!)

09122016-nyfw-rebeccataylorRebecca Taylor SS ’17

Additionally, I’ve loved seeing everyone’s outfits and event coverage on social media. Admittedly, I’m addicted Snapchat and Instagram Stories! (What’s your preferred way to catch the shows and all the buzz?)

09122016-nyfw-akrisAkris SS ’17

Some of my SS ’17 favorites so far have been: Kate Spade, Marissa Webb 🙌🏼, Adam Selman, Creatures of Comfort, Red Valentino, and ADEAM. (I need to catch up with weekend updates!)

The quirky details and pops at Kate Spade were too adorable to resist.

Kate Spade SS 2017 NYFWKate Spade SS ’17

Obviously I am in love with all the full-look coordinating prints!

09122016-nyfw-mcqMcQ Alexander McQueen SS ’17

Some of these, along with other fashion illustrations and some of my New York city sketches, are up for view (and sale 😬) at Contesta Rock Hair in the West Village. They are hosting an opening reception complete with live jazz this Wednesday from 6-10p. I hope to see you there! 😊

Hawaii Style: Streets of Waikiki

While I was in Hawaii, I thought it might be fun to highlight some of the major trends I saw. Waikiki is an area with a heavy concentration of Australian, Japanese, and Korean tourists so it was fun spotting the popular styles.

A quick sketch of hot trends at the beach (in Waikiki, Honolulu, Hawaii!)

A lot of girls were rocking the jeans and tee combo. It’s such a no-brainer! I love how chic it can be with statement sunnies 🕶, an easy (leather?!) tote, and sporty slides.

There were loads of rompers out there in every variety. My personal favorite is the utility romper. I look at one whenever I go shopping, but I just can’t commit. (It’s the inconvenient restroom factor that ultimately deters me.)

While I was in Japan, I saw the wide-leg pant a lot. Hawaii was no different. The shape appeared in every length and style: formal, casual, frilly, or sleek and modern. American girls have already been adopting the trend; I’ve two pairs myself and I’m planning on making them my essential bottoms this fall.

Of course, the simple column dress was out in droves. I’m sure this will be making a reappearance all fall, too (over turtlenecks 😍 or under jackets.)

And last but not least, nearly every girl was wearing an off-the-shoulder top/romper/dress/swimsuit/one-piece. While I’m getting pretty tired of this detail – I thought the cutest combo was with a full-circle midi skirt (another personal favorite.)

I know most everyone has taken their final summer trip but if you haven’t, I hope this quick little guide can help you plan your wardrobe! 😘