Sketchbook Closet x Petite Maison of Fashion

Petite Maison of Fashion Emma TaylorToday’s Fashion Illustration: via Petite Maison of Fashion

A couple of weeks ago, Emma Taylor of Petite Maison of Fashion contacted me interested in collaborating. Between her friendly correspondence and adorable style, it was easy to say yes.

I had so much fun working with Emma illustrating her looks. (Her post is here.) She was also graciously agreed to answer a few questions about herself (and her blog.) I can’t thank Emma enough for her lovely feature and thoughtful answers.

Read on. And, if you haven’t visited her site, do so!

Emma Taylor of Petite Maison of Fashion - isn't she adorable?

Why did you start Petite Maison of Fashion?

I started Petite Maison of Fashion with my friend Miki. We used to blog together but she’s going off to college so I decided to take over the blog. We both loved fashion and photography, as well as writing. Having a fashion blog demands those three subjects which was quite perfect!

Fashion illustrations of cute spring outfits and clothes from the Sketchbook Closet x Petite Maison of Fashion

What do you enjoy most about running your blog?

The comments I get from my readers truly are the best thing about running my blog. I have some followers who consistently write me thoughtful and personal notes that are always a pleasure to read. The back and forth commenting between my followers and me keeps me going. I know that I’m not just posting for anybody but for people who care about my blog.

You woke up late and have to run out the door. You throw on:

I just bought an adorable dress from Marshalls in the athletic section. It’s a black and white printed dress with a great strap detail in the back. I’d throw on my red espadrilles, grab my black go-to sunglasses and my favorite Meg Erickson clutch to head out the door in a rush.

Who is your style icon and why?

Karlie Kloss is not only my style icon but role model. I am obsessed with her shoots for Vogue etc. She always is dressed to perfection and I love that she cares about a healthy body. She makes a point in staying fit by working out and eating a balanced diet and not starving herself like other models. She’s really all about a healthy simple life. It’s the little things that she seems to care about.

Every Last Shoe: Recap 02

Every Last Shoe #the100DayProjectToday’s Fashion Illustration:
neutral sneakers $ Kedsmetallic flip-flops $ Havaianas, fun slippers $ Minnetonka (on sale!)

I’m about a quarter through the 100 Day Project. I thought it’d be nice to share some of my reflections and a couple of my latest paintings. (You can view them all here.)

Style-wise, I’m finding most of my shoes are black, nude, or navy. It’s all neutral! (I guess I’m very practical.) That, or I’m avoiding tackling the more complicated colors and patterns in my closet. Yesterday I was explaining the project over dinner and someone asked, “do you really wear every pair?” Sheepishly, I admitted I stick to eight or nine styles and rotate the selection every few weeks. There are definitely those pieces that get the most wear: ankle boots, low heel pumps, chic sneakers… It’s made me re-assess my shoe obsession and perhaps I can finally give it the boot. (Haha, get it?)

Technique-wise, I’d say my sketches are definitely getting quicker. The first few probably took close to an hour to complete. I really spent a lot of time finessing the lines and carefully laying in the color. Nowadays, I find my discipline waning and my patience thinning. I attack each sketch with a fast hand and don’t do much pencil sketching now. I like it a lot, though. I think it’s giving the pieces a lot more character.

Since college, I’ve struggled with the huge disparity in energy and quality my drawings have when drawn from memory versus drawn from observation.  I’m hoping doing so many illustrations from life will help permanently ingrain some of that vitality into my work done from memory.

I can’t wait to see what day 50 has in store!

Under Rated: LOFT

Ann Taylor LOFT: Vintage Cuffed TeeToday’s Fashion Illustration:
cuffed broken-in tee $ LOFT

“I don’t wanna shop at old lady stores. I don’t wanna go to J. Jill and Chico’s and Ann Taylor Loft. I’m not ready yet.”

- Leslie Mann in “This is 40” (Judd Apatow)

That line, along with several others in the movie, had me in tears. I think it’s a sentiment a lot of us can relate to. Despite their recent facelift and promotion from young style bloggers like Extra Petite, it’s hard to remove LOFT from that “mom” category.

Recently, I’d overhauled my closet and (sort of) landed on my  “professional uniform.” For whatever reason, I decided to give Loft a try when it came to the task of filling the holes. I’m so glad I did.

Poof! Any preconceived notion I had about Loft is fading away. In fact, they might be my new favorite destination for basics. I already have four of these cuffed broken-in tees and I’m sure I’ll get more. The fit is really perfect, the fabric is soft, it looks expensive but isn’t. (Whenever I wear it, the compliments come rolling in.) Win.

Thank you, LOFT. I’m sorry for calling you a “mom store.”

Every Last Shoe: Recap 01

Today’s Fashion Illustration:
navy suede low-heel pumps $ Nine West or $$$ Kate Spade, “Flex Supreme” trainer $$ Nike, floral pumps (old asos) $ similar

A few weeks ago a friend sent me this link. It talks about talented designer Elle Luna and her method and process for achieving the “impossible.” Based on a Yale Graduate School workshop, whether complex or straightforward, participants repeat the same task every day for one-hundred days. The aim and usually inevitable result is an improvement, growth, expanded thinking, and a sort of “creative shake-up.”

“I’ve been feeling (this) discontent for a while,” my friend said in her email. She urged us to join her in this judgement-free zone of creation and exploration.

It seemed like a no-brainer to partake. Currently on day 9, for the next 91 days I’ll be drawing every pair of shoes I own. You can follow my journey here or on Instagram with #everylastshoe.

Be sure to check out #the100dayproject. It’s beautiful, inspiring, and incredible.

Is there something you’ve wanted to improve? What could you accomplish in 100 days?